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Stand Up and Fight To Keep America Beautiful

Updated: May 19, 2020

What we have seen over the last three and a half years and actually over his lifetime is that Trump is primarily concerned with making money for himself, his family and his cronies. Literally everything he does is some kind of deal to enrich him and his inner circle. He is an incompetent authoritarian whose key policies have caused massive suffering and death.

His incompetent handling of the coronovirus pandemic displays some of the greatest dangers posed by this President of the United States. He is not motivated by a sense of duty nor is he motivated by concern for the U.S. people. He is motivated by money and his popularity among a fairly small circle of corporations, television hosts, and special interest groups. He used the daily platform of what was suppose to be public health briefings by professionals to speak ignorantly and to underscore how little he actually cares about the U.S. public and our lives.

A sign of a deeply troubled and sick man is to make aide contingent upon how nice the governors are to him. In the midst of a pandemic and economic devastation Trump encourages protests against Democratic governors. He encourage citizens to rebel against what advice the experts give and he fails to lead by example.

Trump has his agenda - money, money and more money. But not money for those doing the work of the country but money for him, his family and cronies. Between his golf outings and twitter rants the Republican hit men in Washington ram through legislature every extreme right-wing initiative they can think of.

The real terror of the Trump administration is the consolidation of power by some very evil people in the Republican Party. They have managed to shape the Supreme Court for decades, they have deregulated everything and have helped accelerate pollution, fossil fuel emissions, climate change, greenhouse gas, and every deadly pollutant is allowed to freely flow into our air, ground, water and even our bodies.

Trump has led the way for the separation of families and has locked up immigrant children in cages. He has empowered ICE agents to act as the Gestapo did in Nazi Germany. He has intervened to protect war criminals and threatened to kill families of terrorists. He has stirred up Muslim hate, Mexican hate, Chinese hate.

His economic policies have enriched corporations and special interest groups beyond their wildest dreams. And we still have no idea how much Trump and his family are financially benefiting from this Presidency.

So while Trump commits these egregious acts my fellow citizens still will not vote for the Democratic Party because they don't support abortion, same sex marriage or gun control. I am asking you not to support those issues but work inside the Democratic Party to effect changes with those issues. It can be done.

Do not allow Trump four more years in office. It would be a nightmare. What small restraints currently in place would be wiped out. He would have a good chance of appointing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg's replacement. The vulnerable among us would be the hardest hit, much like the coronovirus. Trump encourages racists, bigots, and extreme right wing ideology. Four more years under him would be the death of the United States as we know it. There would be the very, very, rich and the poor. Once again the poor would do all the work and the rich would reap all the benefits.

So please don't vote Trump because you stand with him against abortion, same sex marriage and gun control. He is not likely to feel strongly about any of these but needed the partnership of evangelical America so he embraced those issues.

You have a chance to save America - pull the lever and vote straight Democratic Party on Election Day. This may be the most important thing you have ever done for your country. Certainly it is among the most important things you will do for the entire world.

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